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MMA Token

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MMA Tokens are issued to operationalize various innovative functionalities on the Main Market Africa Platform. Its economics is designed to fuel the growth of the Main Market Africa platform, its users/member businesses and the global community who will find value in its use. MMA Tokens are live on the Stellar Blockchain on a permanent (immutable) basis and can be exchanged/transferred from one party to another without the interference of any third party (including the issuer). There will only ever be a total of 10,000,000,210 MMA Tokens in existence. MMA Tokens are currently available on all Stellar Wallets and Decentralized Exchanges like StellarTermScopuly, StellarXLobstrStellarport, etc. For token live analytics, kindly refer to: Stellar Expert 


Token Economics:
Total: 10,000,000,210 MMA Tokens (Maximum)
1% Airdrop to community/Promotion.
15% Marketing
35% Research and Development
40% to premium members of upon premium membership subscription (matching subscription fees at MMA Token market rates, available until fully distributed). 70% of all revenue generated through subscriptions is spent to buy back MMA Tokens at current market rates on a continuous basis. This ensures the continuous growth in value of MMA Tokens as it serves the mechanism that enables the functionality to recycle our membership subscription fees to the benefit of our community which of course is part of our mandate.
9% to Management. Locked till August 1 2026. To be released at rate of 10% per year thereafter.



Qty Purpose Account Status
MMA Tokens Pre-Sale:
From May 1st to July 31st 2022 @ 0.005 XLM per MMA Token - Completed.
MMA Tokens Sale:
From August 1st 2022 until fully distributed @ 0.05 XLM per MMA Token - On-going



  • April 2022: Issuance of MMA Tokens on the platform and commencement of distribution via Stellar Decentralized Exchanges.


  • April 2023: Unveiling of new User Interface (UI) to ensure the best-in-class User Experience (UX).


  • September 2023: Activation of native XLM/MMA Token wallet on the platform.


  • April 2024: Activation of smart contracts enabling member businesses to issue “Proof of Funds” and “Escrow Services” among other innovative Trade Facilitation processes.


  • January 2026: Migration of to decentralized server architecture.


  • January 2027: Activation of Tokenized Logistics to decentralize logistics processes to create efficiency in handling, security and costs of operations, while accommodating multiple aggregated participants in the logistics process.


  • January 2030: Continuous efforts towards actualization of fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization, ensuring that the platform continuously evolves in the direction of the will of its users/members.



With a population of more than 1.4 billion people, and with 55 countries on the continent and several non-continental African countries, Africa, with a GDP of 3 trillion USD has launched an unprecedented growth mechanism known as the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement (AfCFTA), to break the barriers among all the countries in order to trade as one single market. Main Market Africa is an effort to provide some of the solutions especially in connecting small to medium and large enterprises across Africa, thereby stimulating discovery and creating partnerships through business-to-business matchmaking and trade facilitation.  

MMA Tokens offers us the ability to achieve various goals which would otherwise be very difficult to actualize. Taking our decentralized logistics process as an example, while this is still in development, we are able to simplify logistics to a plug and play scenario whereby any participant who holds MMA Tokens can be allocated shipment value based on the value of tokens being held. Our software will process the calculation and members will be able to see what value of shipment can be entrusted to any service provider at any given moment. This will decentralize the process and enable more participants to provide such services within their localities thereby reducing costs and increasing trust and security. Note that participants will source for MMA Tokens from the open market and this will result in the continuous growth in value of MMA Tokens.

MMA Tokens will also be implemented in business-to-business facilitation especially in Proof of Funds, Escrow and other Smart Contracts. We are developing our software to render such services in a very simplified manner on our platform. We are hopeful that holders/users of our tokens and members of our platform will be able to utilize it especially in situations across Africa where there are inhibitions due to excessive fragmentation and expensive intermediaries in the process of trade facilitation. Let’s keep it brief. Thanks for your interest! Kindly use our enquiry form for any questions.


MMA Token Chart

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