BlogTrade Facilitation in Web 3.0, The Internet of Value.

Trade Facilitation in Web 3.0, The Internet of Value.

Trade Facilitation in Web 3.0, The Internet of Value.

Trade Facilitation in Web 3.0, The Internet of Value.

Posted by : Larry Ukaegbu , Date : 07 Jun, 2022

Category : Trade Facilitation

African businesses are set to leap-frog into the internet of value. Just like the wild adoption of mobile, aided by the lack of legacy infrastructure, lack of steady power supply to support the deep penetration of desktops and laptops, affordability issues, and even the limitation of internet/bandwidth supply. Africa is now on the trajectory of abundance with massive investments by the governments and the private sector providing the necessary infrastructure for reliable Information Technology outcomes. Several fiber optic cables have been laid across the length and breadth of Africa and also extended to connect Africa to other continents. Many first-tier data centers are popping up and prime technology companies are setting up offices in Africa’s major cities. In short, everything is set for Africa to take advantage of the Internet of value, “web 3.0”.


We have seen enough of “walled gardens” in the form of various social media applications, ecommerce applications and more which have served us with convenience and efficiency which is the value proposition of the “web 2.0” era. It is time to place the icing on the cake by giving everyone the opportunity to own a portion of the internet or at least, a portion of the application, infrastructure or service which they utilize or just want to own. Simply put, web 3.0 or Internet of value is about decentralized ownership of digital assets. Main Market Africa gives you the opportunity, not just to use, but also to own a portion of our digital platform and enjoy the benefits that may accrue as we increase in value. This is made possible through our issuance of our utility tokens ‘MMA Tokens’ on the Stellar Blockchain. MMA Tokens are permanent and immutable, and can be accessed through various Stellar Decentralized Exchanges which give you the opportunity to buy, sell or hold MMA Tokens and other digital assets without the interference of any third party.  


Do you want to own a portion of the fastest growing Africa’s Favorite Business Platform?  Kindly find our tokens on StellarTerm, Scopuly, StellarX, Lobstr, Stellarport, etc. For token live analytics, kindly refer to: Stellar Expert


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