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Give 'Wings' to Your Business

Give 'Wings' to Your Business

Give 'Wings' to Your Business

Posted by : Larry Ukaegbu , Date : 05 Jun, 2022

Category : Trade Facilitation

You are the business! Everything else is the manifestation of your ideas, talents, doings and un-doings. However, these extended manifestations are incorporated in various forms and labelled as businesses. It is therefore very important that you give ‘wings’ to your business to ensure it soars to its greatest heights and meet its desired goals. This is the ultimate purpose of's Trade Facilitation services. According to the World Trade Organization, Trade Facilitation is defined as “the simplification and harmonization of international trade procedures”, where trade procedures are the “activities, practices and formalities involved in collecting, presenting, communicating and processing data required for the movement of goods in international trade”. Furthermore, the UN/CEFACT (United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business) defines trade facilitation as "the simplification, standardization and harmonization of procedures and associated information flows required to move goods from seller to buyer and to make payment". This is the bulk of the mandate of


As a business-to-business matchmaking platform, we have ensured the availability of tools and processes to enable your business get discovered by member businesses, interact with member businesses, and receive continuously updated buy/sell orders from our members/users. We have also provided digital infrastructure on the blockchain to enable the holding/exchange of values among users/members of our platform.


Based on the live data feeds from Google Analytics, is widely accessed by users from all over the world and therefore listing your business on our platform guarantees the exposure of your business to an audience of various demographics and locations. We will also continue to reinforce our search engine optimization efforts to ensure that we generate high quality traffic for our member businesses from all the nooks and crannies of Africa and every other location across the world. Kindly let us know your specific requirements by completing the enquiry form or click here to list your business.

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